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The top right-handed pitcher on the fabled New York Yankees teams of the early '60s, Ralph Terry remembers his remarkable life in baseball – and professional golf – in the upcoming autobiography RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE, written with John Wooley and published by Reverse Karma Press in conjunction with Mullerhaus Publishing Arts, Inc. It's an inspiring story of a young pitcher from small-town Oklahoma taking the field with the likes of Maris, Mantle, Yogi, Billy Martin, Whitey Ford, and Moose Skowron while playing on the biggest baseball stage on earth: Yankee Stadium.

The only hurler to throw the final pitch in two World Series® Game Sevens, Ralph's story takes us from the heart-wrenching (and famous) seventh-game home run given up to Bill Mazeroski in 1960 to Ralph's post-season triumph two years later, when he became only the seventh man in history to win the World Series® MVP Award.

A book for young and old, RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE is a captivating story of living history to be read, treasured, and passed down to future generations.

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Our newest offering, and the first to be published exclusively by Reverse Karma Press, Hard-Boiled Christmas Stories serves up ten big tales of Yuletide homicide, penned by such Golden Age pulp greats as D.L. Champion, John K. Butler, John Lawrence, Steve Fisher (of I Wake up Screaming fame), and Zorro creator Johnston McCulley. Such unforgettable characters as Inspector Allhoff, the snarling, legless coffee drunkard, and dapper but deadly Marty Marquis, known all along the Great White Way as the Marquis of Broadway, tear through these pages, as does Dan Turner, the wacky Hollywood detective, who appears in an all-new tale by John Wooley, writing in the style of Turner's creator, Robert Leslie Bellem. A wonderfully evocative cover by top-drawer artist David Saunders ices the cake. Guaranteed fun and thrills – and the perfect holiday gift.

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Published in conjunction with the California-based Off-Trail Publications, Super-Detective Flip Book recalls the days of the old Ace Double paperbacks, when a reader could plunk down his money and pick up two thrill-loaded full-length tales in one volume. Super-Detective Flip Book gives you a pair of novel-length adventures featuring the heroic '40s pulp character Jim Anthony, who began life as a kind of science-fiction superhero and later morphed into a hard-boiled tough guy. There's an example of each Anthony persona in Super-Detective Flip Book, along with illuminating introductions by Reverse Karma's Johns – McMahan and Wooley.

Wrote Craig Clark on the Somebody Dies website, "Super-Detective Flip Book is a terrific time capsule of a time when pulp was king, and 'escapism' was the name of the game."

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In musicians' parlance, a "ghost band" is a group that operates and tours under the name of a famous, but dead, bandleader. The chilling novel Ghost Band, written by John Wooley, tells the unforgettable tale of Miles West, trumpeter in a ghost band called the Sammy Patrick Orchestra, who starts seeing real ghosts swirling among the couples on the dance floor.

The recipient of rave reviews upon its publication (in collaboration with HAWK Publishing Group), Ghost Band numbers among its fans the bestselling author Mel Odom, who wrote a glowing review for the online magazine Blogcritics that concluded with this paragraph:

Although I've been gone from that small town I grew up in for almost thirty years, Ghost Band took me back to that small house where the wind blew and whistled, where the rafters creaked, and where momma left the oven on at night to warm the house in the winter and that caused the tick-tick-ticking of cooling metal that sounded just like footsteps. For a while there, even though I know there's no such things as ghosts (right?), I was a believer again.